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sKATMAJ - UV systems up to 90°C - service - spare parts - kills legionella bactarias, microorganisms, disinfection of drinking water, waste water, emulsion, process, ultraviolet, lamps, bacteria, warm and hot water, price

KATMAJ UV systems offer highest performance ("seria professional" up to 600 m3/h), compact design and low energy consumption.

They comply with actual technical and performance standards for drinking water disinfection.  KATMAJ UV systems reduce microorganisms by 99,99 % and comply with WHO, DVGW, Ö-NORM etc.

Certified systems are also available (DVGW, Germanische Lloyd or TVO)

We guarantee a lamp life time of min. 10.000 hours (seria H with up to 90°C min. 8.000 hours)

The systems are available with lamp lifetime measurement (hours) or UV intensity sensors.

The reactor material is stainless steel 1.4571 (316Ti), working pressure is up to 10 bar (seria premium up to 6 bar).

Components, like stainless steel housings, UV lamps and electronic ballasts are designed to work in highest temperatures and guarantee long lifetime performance.

The demounting does not require any special tools (demounting of seria economic is by hand without any tools) - this allows a fast and easy lamp exchange and quart sleeve cleaning.

KATMAJ UV Seria H  -   NEW

Seria H is designed to work in hot drinking water systems - up to 90°C media temperature is allowed - with the main objective on killing the legionella bacteria. The systems are available as "seria economic" with a performance of up to 4.000 l/h (higher performance systems on special request possible)
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